Amazing innovations in the dishwasher industry

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A few decades ago, the dishwasher was seen as a luxury item, a caprice of those with a good financial situation who could afford having such an appliance at home. Nowadays, things have changed and the dishwasher has become as trivial as the refrigerator or the TV. However, the today models have evolved and have developed features that turn the dishwasher into a high-tech device that can compete with any other sophisticated and performance devices.

Innovations in the design of the dishwasher

The latest models of dishwasher have a very attractive design, which perfectly suits any kitchen décor. You can now find built-in or portable models, equipped with LCD displays for a minimalist style, with two independent drawers that make the appliance a real piece of decoration. Although black and white remain the most wanted classic versions and stainless steel is still very stylish, nowadays you can find dishwashers available in a variety of colors, especially red and blue, to match any kitchen background. The dishwashers became very easy to incorporate in the kitchen cupboards and strategically blend in thanks to the made-to-measure front panel. Some dishwasher manufacturers have come up with an ingenious design with no handle on the door, and you can open the dishwasher by knocking on the front panel. The interior has also suffered significant changes and you can now find models divided in sections for small plates and pans and pots, with practical adjustable shelves that can be modified as you like. The dishwasher tub made of stainless steel offers the best stain and odor protection so that you will fully enjoy your dishwasher.

Innovations in the capacity and dimensions

The shape of the dishwasher is usually based on its capacity, which is designed by the number of place settings. Compact dishwashers with a capacity of four place settings is the perfect choice for a family of two members while 12 place settings will suit a family of four to six members, and so on. The best part of the new and improved models of dishwashers is that even though they have a large dish capacity, the width remains the same and the dishwasher will perfectly fit your kitchen. Compact dishwashers meet the needs of small families and are great for small kitchens. If you want to check out some compact dishwashers, visit the website, where you will find reviews of the best compact dishwashers as well as reviews of various other types of dishwashers.

Innovations in the features of the dishwasher

Most manufacturers offer models of dishwashers with a high range of options, some useful and practical, some not so. The “anti-overflow” and “anti-leak” options automatically cut the water supply at any sign of malfunction, the “delay start” features allows you to schedule the dishwasher up to 24 hours in advance, some models have extra rinsing features or a pre-washing feature, others have automatic programs that select the wash depending on the level of dirt on the dishes, while some models even have a sanitation feature that kills bacteria and viruses using a high-temperature water.

Modern dishwashers might seem complicated and their specification sheets are very hard to understand. In order to make sure that you are not wasting money on features that you will never use, read some dishwasher reviews. You can find some excellent reviews on The reviews present the sophisticated features in simple, easy to understand terms so that you can manage to compare seemingly similar models and choose the most convenient one.

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