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Technology is getting more and more advanced these days and the major benefit that comes with it is the way communication services develop. If in the past the only way you could communicate with someone was by telephone, now you can choose from plenty of options. The Internet and the opportunities it provides to its users are so vast you won’t ever remain without a variant. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, personal computers or whatever may cross your mind are to be used for communication purposes. Providers can offer services you didn’t thought using before. Here’s a list of communication services you probably didn’t use yet:

Help lines

One of the most avoided communication service are help lines. For instance, visiting can give you an idea of what services are offered. Some help lines require a TV licence to function. Although they can come in very handy in situations when contact details are needed, people tend to try other kind of services in order to get what they need. This is a mistake given the fact that calling a help line can ease your work. All you have to do is contact it and ask for a call redirection towards the customer service you desire. The person, company or organisation you are looking for should be listed in a public directory. Each help line usually has a terms and condition form which you should read before making a call to inform yourself about costs and other useful details.


Using private hubs to communicate with people from the same company is efficient and easy to use. When security is a main criterion for your needs, then intranet is a good option. This communication service is usually chosen by businesses in order to optimise staying up to date between employees, given the fact that working in a field that requires permanent information exchange is quite difficult without the right method to do it. Intranet is a communication platform that can be connected with external data sources in the open World Wide Web, which grants the users the possibility to manage data in a convenient way.

Private group chat rooms

There are private chat rooms that include services like instant direct messaging or bots that interact with the active users. Joining such a room allows you to communicate either via text or audio-video with the people invited to it. Although instant messaging systems are often used for simple person-to-person conversations they can be used for business purposes as well. When your company needs a meeting but none of the employees can find the time to reach one, joining a group chat could solve all your problems. In an era where technology is the main assistant of every CEO has.

All in all, now you know how random the communication possibilities are if you know where to look. Depending on your very individual needs, choosing the right service to complete your tasks is paramount and this is why it’s quite essential to know a little about each and every method to transmit information.



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