Using promotional notebooks in the digital age

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At present, enterprises are fully immersed in the digital marketing landscape, being an inspiration for emerging organisations. Through digital and mobile channels, they manage to acquire and retain customers. These companies reach out to consumers through screens. As you can imagine, they completely ignore the fact that people accept traditional marketing. Traditional methods, such as printed promotional materials, are powerful and they are still relevant. We live in a world of technology, that is true, but it doesn’t mean that companies should dismiss the value of traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is born again

Many people argue that print is dead. Print isn’t considered a viable choice when it comes to communication. As digital platforms grow and access to technology increases, traditional media is used less and less. Well, not quite. The thing is that print isn’t dead. Far from it. Print is experiencing a rebirth. Mew magazines are released, not to mention that more and more promotional products are being produced. It seems that promotional merchandise drives customer interest in the business. Some companies have opted for using goods that the recipients use for months, like branded notebooks. If you too need printed promotional materials, get in touch with specialists in branded notebooks. Getting back on topic, print requirements have changed over the course of time, yet they meet customers’ needs and build relationships.

Attracting attention with promotional notebooks  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a technology-based company. Using promotional merchandise is the smart thing to do. Items of this kind help with branding, improving people’s opinion of your enterprise and determining them to buy. There are virtually infinite possibilities when it comes to branding corporate notebooks. When traditional marketing is done right, you can draw considerable advantages. This is what to do to stand out:

  • Personalise the cover design – nothing enhances customer experience like personalisation. Do your best to make customers feel valued and appreciated. How? Personalise the notebooks with a picture that matters to them and, of course, their name.
  • Make it relevant – a notebook can be used in more than one way. Make your notebooks in A4 or A5 sizes. Some people need lots of space for meetings and appointments. Think about eliminating the lines. Make sure that you have a good idea to whom you’re giving the promotional items.

Consider using a mix of printed promotional products

Who said that you should be using solely branded notebooks? There is no doubt that promotional notebooks are effective, but you should really consider using a mix of promotional items. You can thank your clients by offering them phone holders, umbrellas, health-related products, and so on and so forth. These are the traditional marketing materials that you need. Some consumers may prefer a tangible notebook, while others may want an umbrella. The main idea is that you should have a wide range of marketing merchandise. When it comes to ordering, you need to have a pretty good idea of how many items you require. Don’t rely only on a small number items. It’s best to have enough goods to hand out.


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