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Robot vacuum cleaners were invented so that people like you do not have to get off the couch. Well, not for that, but to help to clean the floors and rugs, and save time. It is not hard to understand why robovacs are so appealing. These devices spruce up with little to no human intervention. Robot vacuum cleaners perform cleaning tasks with a high degree of autonomy. Robot vacuum cleaners may be capable of making decisions on their own, but they are not like us. More precisely, robovacs do not see the world like the rest of us. Allpowermoves.com claims that Roomba 650 has one of the smartest navigation systems. We do not disagree, but it is not the only intelligent device out there. If you want to know how robot vacuum cleaners in general find their way around your home, keep on reading.

Onboard sensors

Human use their senses to see the world. What about robots? They use onboard sensors. You would be tempted to think that robot vacuum cleaners use cameras. No, they do not. As stated previously, the only thing they rely on is sensors. The onboard sensors, which are typically mounted at the very front, gather information from the environment and send it to the microprocessor. Obviously, the information is processed and the robovac takes action accordingly. Onboard sensors help the robot vacuum cleaner identify obstacles. Examples of onboard sensors include cliff sensors, wall sensors, and bump sensors.

Visual mapping

Original models cleaned things randomly. Yes, they did  not have maps of your home. Modern devices, on the other hand, are very precise. What happens is that the robot makes a map and figure out where it is within the map. Pretty clever, right? The beauty of robovacs is that they do not need to know the exact dimension of the rooms. The only thing they need to know is how to react in certain situations.  For example, robot vacuum cleaners need to have an idea of how close an obstacle is. If you want to see this kind of behavior, all you have to do is turn on your cleaning device.  

Extra technology

Some robot vacuum cleaners are so advanced that they can avoid obstacles. They do so thanks to infrared technology. An infrared light beam is sent from the unit, acting as a virtual wall. The infrared beam identifies walls and obstacles so that the robovac slows down when it gets near them. Another extra technology feature worth talking about is the lighthouse feature. The infrared beam together with radio frequency waves let the robot vacuum cleaner find its way back to the docking station.

It is pretty clear that robot vacuum cleaners are intelligent devices. They manage to overcome obstacles, most of them anyway, and make your home spic and span. When in the market for a robovac, make sure to read lots of reviews. They can help you determine if the product you are interested in is any good. The purpose of reviews is to help you save time and money, so make sure to read them.

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